Under 23 år har Supermat serverat förskolebarn och grundskoleelever med nyttiga och smakrika rätter. I vårt storkök börjar matresan med ett kärleksfullt team som dedikerat sina liv åt att tillaga mat åt växande vetgiriga barn. Supermat speglar sig på mångfald, samhällsengagemang & hållbarhet. Framtid på rätt sätt – Framtid med Supermat!

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In 2015, we decided to deliver meals to even more children. Thousands of children eat our food every week. We love food and people. In our kitchen, various types of meals are prepared; everything from Mediterranean-inspired and small meze dishes to Swedish home cooking in a modern style and with an oriental touch. Our customers perceive us as highly professional and serious. We promise nothing we can not keep! Knowledge is power! All our staff receive guidance and training in quality work. Regular follow-up, evaluation and development of both service, environment, hygiene, our routines, raw materials and control systems lay the foundation for good quality. Training our staff in these areas is by far the best way to guarantee food quality and safety.

Our food management meets the clear goals of the legislation on all consumers' right to safe food. The regulations consist of EC regulations and from 2006 a new Swedish food law. The National Food Administration has written several guidelines for the legislation, which we at Supermat follow closely. We check our own routines regularly and thus have secure systems for all our staff to handle food.

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